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Keep Your Pet Happy & Healthy With Vaccination & Other Services

Address any and all of your pet’s health needs with our fully trained staff and veterinarians.

We know that special moment when you first laid eyes on your best friend, envisioning their future with you and your family. You made a promise that day to love them and to always do what is best for them.

We are ready to provide the most comprehensive examination they’ve ever had, hoping to ensure and establish quality of care for their entire life.

Whether your dog or cat has a particular illness, suffers from chronic issues, or just needs an annual check-up, our veterinarians are ready to do whatever is necessary to ensure happiness and quality of life for both of you.

Our veterinarian technicians are always on standby to assist our fully trained staff in anything that they may require, all while making you both as comfortable as possible.


Affordable, Local Vet Clinic With Highly Trained Pet Doctors

Our main goal is to provide a safe, clean, and affordable health service for your furry friend. We recognise that they are part of your family and it makes sense that you would want the best type of care for your family member, which we supply.

Utilising the most modern technologies for screenings, radiology equipment, and surgeries, we acknowledge the medical necessities that come with looking after animals.

If you need regular check-ups, our facilities are always stocked with every necessary vaccination and medicine required, and are equipped with the most hygienic and sterile tools possible.

In having a team of staff with extensive knowledge about every type of animal, we are able to offer expert health advise on dealing with almost any type of pet one may have.

We screen our staff to ensure that every person in your animal’s care is more than qualified to deliver the best treatment

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Pet Doctors That Specialize In Animal Care For Your Cat Or Dog

We are the forerunner in supplying veterinarian services to the community of Auckland.

Committed to hiring employees that show a deep passion for taking care of everyone at our clinic, we also offer continuous education to every member of staff (including our veterinarians), and base our reputation on our vast array of skill sets, we guarantee to provide only the most excellent care.

With such a large number of veterinarians and veterinarian technicians in our practice, our receptionists are happy to work directly with you to pair you with the right fit.

You both deserve a vet who will give great healthcare, expert advise, and a comfortable experience.


Get The Best Animal Care With Our Veterinarian Services

We have been treating Auckland’t pets for over fifteen years and offer a wide range of service to out local friends and families.

We’ve included some of these below, but if you have a question, please contact our friendly staff on X and we’d be happy to talk through any concerns you may have about your family member.


We are committed to providing personal and professional care. We believe a pet isn’t just an animal, but rather another member of the family.

In order to provide the best care possible, we need to work with you to ensure that they stay happy and healthy.Having a pet is a life changing experience, and we’re here to help you.

Weather its a consultation for routine healthcare or your puppy or kitten needs their health checks done, we provide professional diagnosis and treatment for medical problems at all ages, and also have surgical facilities on site.


Locations that we support

We cover all the Auckland City area including LeeNorth Shore, Albany, Clevedon, Howick, Ponsoby, Coatsville and Bucklands Beach. We also take work from throughout the Mount Edan & Wellsford areas, dependent upon job size and availability of our expertengineers.

Give us a call on 09 3659 1623 and fill out the form for a free consultation.

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